Line 40 EHS

31/12/2019 ITALIA

Line 40 EHS

ehs linea 40 stonetools

These CNC edge profiling tools are the revolutionary new set of wheels produced by Marmoelettromeccanica (Marmo). They feature the latest diamond technology, Extra High Speed (EHS), a copper bonded coating on the tools. They work faster than any other brand available, resulting in more production in the same time.

The EHS tools are the fastest CNC profiling tools ever produced for granite, quartz, ceramic and Dekton.

They are also available in Line 40, with an outside diameter of 40mm. A single set of Line 40 tools can be installed and used for both internal edge polishing, (creating a radius of 20mm on corners) as well as straight external edge polishing. This simplifies the production process, resulting in quick processing as the material does not need machining by other tools on the CNC machine or worked on in another production area. Line 40 tools have a standard 22mm bore.

EHS wheels are the best choice for factories wanting to achieve a massive increase in productivity.

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